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We call our software platform Charlie. He’s ready to get to work for you.

Meet Charlie, the healthfinch

We find it very troubling that half of physicians (and their staff) are burnt out. They’re frustrated that much of their time is spent processing hundreds of tasks rather than delivering top-of-license patient care. To help these clinicians, we created Charlie.

Charlie is our software platform, but because he seamlessly integrates into the electronic medical record (EMR) and he so closely mimics what a staff member might do, we gave him a name (and a personality). Charlie is a happy little healthfinch who is constantly learning new skills, but for now he’s focusing on reducing the volume of routine and repeatable inbox tasks that burden clinicians every day.

Charlie’s first skill, Swoop™ (formerly RefillWizard), is being used by major health systems to automate, delegate, and simplify the prescription refill request workflow.  These organizations see significant increases in efficiencies, improved quality and decreased costs. Most importantly, these organizations are finding that physicians are happier now that they are spending more time doctoring and less time on administrative tasks.

We’d love to show you how Charlie and the healthfinch team can help you, too.

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How Charlie gets the job done:


healthfinch automation

Charlie automates as much of the task as possible. In the event that he can complete a task without requiring a physician or staff member to be involved, he will do it!


Charlie healthfinch delegates

Charlie likes everyone working to the top-of-their-license.  By understanding how work gets done in your organization, he delegates to the most appropriate task member via the EMR inbox.


healthfinch simplifies

 Charlie intelligently pulls relevant information out of the EMR to present to the right person, at the right time. Charlie won’t bother you with non-essential details.