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What jobs can Charlie handle?

Charlie can handle most of your routine, repeatable, and non-reimbursable tasks, right in the EMR!

Allscripts Touchworks
athena EMR

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  • Visit Planning Tasks

    Proactively prepping patients and your team for a scheduled visit includes routine busywork that Charlie loves. He scouts the patient chart to identify and order pre-visit lab work or solicits patient feedback necessary to optimize patient/provider time at the appointment. This proactive work can reduce follow up phone calls by 89%.

  • Rx Renewal Jobs

    Prescription refill requests, in addition to lab results management, may consume 2-4 hours per provider, per day (and that’s a conservative estimate)! Charlie easily, safely, and quickly swoops in to handle renewal requests. Hire him to handle this workflow and give your providers their time back.

  • Care Gap Identification

    Scanning through charts to identify gaps in care is a big project, often requiring time from a business analyst, an IT specialist, and a clinical team member. Hire Charlie to patrol your patient panel and let him to do the “heavy lifting.” He’s been sight-trained to find gaps in care because we’ve loaded his brain with thousands of evidence-based medication and diagnostic protocol data.

How can Charlie impact your practice?

Charlie’s busywork creates value for physicians, staff, patients, and your organization.

  • Saves Time

    Charlie’s no bird brain! He’s been trained to recall thousands of evidence-based protocols in order to do his job in seconds. He presents, in one screen, all the decision support your staff needs to safely execute on requests in less than a minute.

  • Increases Adherence

    Charlie goes the extra mile for quality. With each activity, Charlie is trained to patrol for gaps in care and notify the scheduler or the patient directly, so they can become proactive partners in their care.

  • Transforms Workflows

    Charlie subscriptions come with a dedicated Customer Success team who serve as “coaches” to guide you through the workflow optimization and protocol consensus steps that enable Charlie to do his work. We don’t just “support” the application, we help you transform your practice.

Charlie comes with a dedicated customer success coach who will guide you step-by-step toward practice transformation.