RefillWizard is a software tool trusted by world class healthcare organizations to simplify their prescription refill process.

How it works:

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Why transform your refill process?

Doctor efficiency

Your providers see thousands of refill requests every year. The time they are wasting could mean millions in revenue for your practice!

Benefits to the doctor

Staff empowerment

RefillWizard is a "Team-Based Decision Support System" which allows staff to safely and efficiently become a part of the refill process.

Benefits to the staff

Patient safety

Using RefillWizard can reduce your refill turnaround time by up to 95%, while ensuring your patients are getting safe, consistent care.

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RefillWizard named Grand Prize Winner of the Allscripts Open App Challenge!


What are your refills costing your practice?

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How do we do it?

Workflow Utilization

Utilizing your existing workflows means that your doctors will see no workflow disruption, only less work!

EMR Integration

By seamlessly integrating with your EMR, everything takes place in an environment your staff understands.


By removing complexity from your clinical workflows, we allow your staff to focus on what needs to get done.