Dawn Burke
Author: Dawn Burke | Date February 1, 2019

Charlie by the Numbers: 2018

Charlie and the healthfinch team have had a very busy year and are excited to share the impact we've had on the healthcare community. The data presented below is across all healthfinch customers, combined throughout 2018. The numbers speak for themselves!

2018 Year in Review Infographic - FINAL for Blog

Click here to download the above data as a PDF.

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Note: Time savings is estimated using an average of 2-4 minutes per refill, depending on whether customers are delegating prescriptions refills to a team. Cost savings is estimated assuming a $300,000 annual physician salary.

Dawn Burke

Written By: Dawn Burke on February 1, 2019

Dawn is the Marketing Manager at healthfinch, and is responsible for all aspects of marketing - from online presence and brand management to conferences and content creation.