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Charlie's 2020 Impact on Prescription Renewal Requests

5 Tips for Successfully Implementing Charlie in Your Prescription Renewal Workflows

Taking Prescription Renewal Workflows from Good to Great

5 Big Benefits of Centralizing Prescription Renewal Requests

Pitfalls of Long Prescription Renewal Turnaround Times

The Right Mix: Assembling a Prescription Renewal Protocol Committee

Tracking Renewal Request Volumes to Optimize Staffing

Why It’s Necessary to Integrate Protocols Into Existing Workflows

Implementing Prescription Renewal Technology During a Pandemic

Ensuring Continuity of Care & Recouping Revenue Post Pandemic

Prescription Renewal Requests: Still Business as Usual During COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19 on Prescription Renewal Requests

Mission: Not Impossible

What Makes a Good Provider Champion?

5 Mistakes That Will Jeopardize Your Centralized Team’s Productivity

Infographic: Charlie's 2019 Prescription Renewal Metrics

The Correlation Between Care Gap Closure and Prescription Renewal Efficiency

What's Holding You Back From Adhering to Prescription Renewal Guidelines?

healthfinch Resources: The Best of 2019

The Art of Maintaining Prescription Renewal Protocols

3 Trailblazers Leading the Way in Prescription Renewal Optimization

Anatomy of a Great Prescription Renewal Protocol

Piloting a Centralized Prescription Renewal Workflow

4 Quick Tips to Achieving Prescription Renewal Protocol Consensus

Supporting Team-Based Care with Prescription Renewal Technology

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About healthfinch

Is Remote Staffing Right for your Prescription Renewal Center?

11 Prescription Renewal Workflows to Standardize Today

Recap: AMDIS Physician-Computer Connection Symposium

Drugs for BPH May Delay Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

3 Signs You Need Refill Management Technology

3 Recent Safety-Related Medication Labeling Changes

Leading Effective Protocol Consensus Meetings

Refill Request Metrics: What You Should Be Measuring

Safety Review: Fluoroquinolone

3 Reasons You’re Still Receiving Faxed Refill Requests & How You Can Reduce Them

Charlie by the Numbers: 2018

Overcoming Provider Objections to Delegating Refill Requests

Risks of Not Delegating Refill Requests

Another Trip to the Hospital

Charlie, by the Numbers

Physician burnout. Yep, it's still a thing.

Now, it's personal. I just got my refill super fast!

Customer Spotlight: athenahealth® Showcase Client, Valley Medical Group

Robot Overlords in Healthcare? Not Likely. And Not Us.

What's So Scary About Automation?

The Right Amount of Disruption

Patient Visits as Business Meetings? Maybe.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going!

Transforming Care Requires Alignment Between Tech & People

The Perfect Healthcare Storm Enables New Ideas to Hatch

Butter knives and healthcare delivery – yes, there’s a connection!

Want to make your patients happier? Provide more efficient, personal service with less waiting

Don't Let Patients Fall Through the Cracks

To Improve the Patient/Provider Experience, Start Before the Visit

Are ICD-10 preparations leaving you a little Z73.0?

Document, Document, Document!

It’s Not Just a Formality: Formal Refill Protocols Are a Must

Risk Mitigation Made Easier with the Right Tools

Adherence to Care Plans Remains Challenge for Practices

Doctor Shortage Crisis Mentioned on Bill Maher's Real Time

AMA STEPS Forward to Address Provider Burnout

Mission is Great, But Execution Matters

Clinical Integration: A Q&A with healthfinch COO, Sanaz Cordes, MD

Smart Staffing Can Mean Happier Doctors, Profitable Practices

Physicians: Ready to Give up Your Lunch Time Now Too?

How does a 21.7 hour work day sound to you?

Supercharge Your Delegation Model

Back to the Future: A 2008 Presentation Is Still Super Relevant

Unhealthy Waiting Times

Nurses Need a Seat at the Tech Table Too!

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

HIMSS15: A First-Timers' First Impressions

What Does Bo Know?

Is Primary Care in Rural America at Risk?

Apps that optimize your EMR workflow are essential for care redesign

Ironic Twist: Technology as a Cure for Physician Burnout?

Time to Call in a Specialist

Healthcare IT: Assumptions Versus Reality

A Nod to Nature: Bring balance to healthcare ecosystem

Another Case for Strategy, Not Just Tactics

The Fourth Aim: Doctor Happiness

PCPs Face Huge Student Loan Debts and a Financially Uncertain Future

Medicare reporting programs: “quality improvers” or additional busy work that hinders providers’ ability to deliver quality care?

HIT Can Increase Primary Care Capacity and Access

Barriers to Technology Adoption by Physicians

Barking Cats and the EHR

Patient Portals: A Win for Patients but Burdensome for Physicians?

Solving the PCP Shortage - Efficiency Over Quantity

Why are Primary Care Docs So Busy?

Workflow Delegation Can Save Primary Care

healthfinch Survey: 95% of Physicians Find Refill Requests Burdensome

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