Vicky Weber
Author: Vicky Weber | Date August 14, 2019

Is Remote Staffing Right for your Prescription Renewal Center?

At healthfinch, we’re no stranger to the remote lifestyle. While we have a small office in our hometown of Madison, WI, we’re a remote first company and allow our employees to work from anywhere within the US. And we’re not alone. A 2019 study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that almost a quarter of employed Americans work remotely every week.1 

While the majority of clinical roles require on-site staffing due to direct patient interaction, you may want to consider taking some non-patient facing roles remote, such as your centralized prescription renewal staff. There are many benefits to allowing staff to work remotely, but there are a few potential pitfalls to consider. Whether you want to allow full or part time remote work, read on for some helpful ideas to make it happen. 

Benefits of Remote Work

Remote work definitely has some benefits to both employer and employees alike!

Greater Flexibility

Allowing full or part time remote work can allow you to more easily schedule staff to address renewal requests at off hours such as early in the morning, late at night, or on weekends/holidays. Allowing staff to work remotely when needed can also make it easier for them to work around life issues such as family commitments, illness, and other concerns.

Reduced Costs

Remote work can reduce costs for both employer and staff. If your clinical or administrative spaces are getting full, having some team members go remote can help alleviate the space crunch. Employees save money working remotely by avoiding costs associated with commuting such as gas, car maintenance, and parking.

Job Satisfaction

Allowing staff to work remotely demonstrates your trust in them and allows for greater work-life balance. Data from management consulting firm Leadership IQ shows that 24% of people who work in a traditional office love their jobs compared to 45% of remote workers.2 Happy employees stay longer, leading to lower turnover costs.

Considerations of Remote Work

Ready to make the leap to allowing your centralized renewal staff to work remotely? Here are some factors to consider:

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance should be foremost in your mind when allowing staff to work remotely. Work with your IT department to ensure that staff can securely access your EMR from outside the clinic and they have the equipment they need, such as an internet allowance, second monitor and laptop computer. Make sure your remote workers understand and agree to the rules they need to follow when working remotely. Consider issues like a private place to work, physical laptop security, and reporting hours.

Selecting the Right Staff

Remote work isn’t for everyone. A lot of people get into clinical work because they enjoy direct interaction with coworkers and patients. Someone who is potentially going remote should carefully consider if remote work is a good fit for them.

People who are good candidates for remote work are, generally:

  • Independent workers who don’t require a lot of oversight
  • Good at prioritizing their own work
  • Able to stay focused on their work without being distracted by things at home

Consider letting your staff go remote on a trial run. If it’s not working out for that staff member, welcome them back to the office with open arms.

Including Remote Staff

Make sure your remote staff aren’t missing out on important communication from the office or feel excluded from the group culture. Be intentional about including them in meetings and calls. Consider having everyone call in separately to meetings with remote staff instead of awkwardly adding a remote team member to a conference call with a group of people in a meeting room. If remote staff live close to the clinic, be sure they are invited to drop in on team events, like parties or large meetings.

Remote work can have huge benefits for your centralized prescription renewal staff and organization as a whole. If you want to hear about more ways to optimize your renewal workflow with our solution, the Charlie Practice Automation Platform, send us a note at There’s a good chance the person who responds will be working remotely themselves.



Vicky Weber

Written By: Vicky Weber on August 14, 2019

As the Business Operations Analyst at healthfinch, Vicky's primary role is to help the sales and customer success teams grow and scale the customer base.