Author: healthfinch | Date June 18, 2015

Mission is Great, But Execution Matters

A personal take on healthfinch

I joined healthfinch 6 months ago after several years of working for myself as a marketing consultant. Although I knew I'd be giving up some pretty serious perks of self-employment--like taking off to South America for a month last summer--I knew that working again in a team environment was the right way to go. But I didn't want to just look for or take "any" job. I wanted to find an organization to work for that had a unique mix of people, place, culture, vision and mission. Lucky me, I was introduced to the healthfinch team by a professional acquaintance and after a brief consulting engagement with them, they and I decided that coming on staff made sense. I don't look back at all, even though consulting was a lot of fun; it gave me the opportunity to explore new industries, different work places and learn a lot from my executive sponsors. I will confess, however, to missing the occasional afternoon nap. That's a little tougher to sell in the office, no?

Today, I'm reminded how critically important it is--the work that healthfinch does-- and am grateful that I play some small part in the company's mission. Our COO, Sanaz Cordes, MD, was featured in an Xconomy article today, in which she describes the healthfinch mission: We don’t want to just rescue physicians,” she said. “We want to rescue the entire clinical team.” CEO Jonathan Baran, in his on boarding presentation for new hires, stresses this as well. He explains that the company is on a mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered so that clinicians and their staff can work top-of-license. In regular speak, we want healthcare workers to be less stressed and happier in their work so that they can deliver quality care.

Great mission, right? This is the reason to get out of bed every day. But a lot of companies and leaders have missions. What sets healthfinch apart, and why I am so excited to work for healthfinch, is that they EXECUTE on that mission every day. healthfinch has real products that are used daily by major health systems to dramatically improve clinical workflows. They are saving physicians real minutes every day that enable them to spend more time with patients. And they are having real conversations with customers about what they need next to transform their practices. Translating mission into practice can be challenging for young companies, but not healthfinch. With the talented team in place, things are getting done!

Maybe I don't miss those naps so much after all.


Written By: healthfinch on June 18, 2015

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