Author: healthfinch | Date March 6, 2017

Now, it's personal. I just got my refill super fast!

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin's Super Speedy Service

For healthfinch for the last two years, I've created case studies, infographics, and blogs about the benefits to health systems and patients of Swoop, our prescription renewal automation tool. All of this content is rooted in the data we've gathered from our customers. We know that Swoop improves safety, improves efficiency, and reduces busywork for physicians and staff. We even know from industry studies that quick service has a positive impact on patient satisfaction. But until Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin became a client, I'd never experienced, first-hand, the benefits of Swoop.

All that changed last week when I used GHCSW's MyChart app to request a prescription refill from my primary care provider. Up to this point, I thought my provider and her care team had always responded quickly to my requests, usually within a few hours or at most, a day.  But last week, I received a response to my request within an hour! When the notification popped up on my app, I had a moment of delight because: 1) when I requested the renewal, I was wearing my patient "hat" and forgot to think about my request as a professional experiment, and 2) it was just so fast! I loved that this quick response meant I could pick up my medication that very day and didn't have to wait until the next morning.


While it might be a little nerdy to get this excited over a simple refill, I found the exchange really gratifying. Experiencing product benefits as a customer, not just as an employee, means that I can write with even more conviction about the important work that healthfinch does.

A shout out to GHCSW as well for prioritizing the patient experience while they improve the efficiency with which they deliver care. Thanks for being outstanding clients!


Written By: healthfinch on March 6, 2017

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