Charlie, by the Numbers

Minutes add up to hours. And dollars.

Charlie is live in Allscripts, athenahealth, and Epic health systems across the country. And he's hard at work. Check out the highlights from March!

Physician burnout. Yep, it's still a thing.

Physician Burnout & Busywork. More of a "thing" than ever.

In 2011, our co-founders Jonathan Baran and Lyle Berkowitz, MD started knocking on health system doors, talking about the pervasiveness of physician burnout...

Now, it's personal. I just got my refill super fast!

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin's Super Speedy Service

For healthfinch for the last two years, I've created case studies, infographics, and blogs about the benefits to health systems and patients...

Customer Spotlight: athenahealth® Showcase Client, Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group is a Model for Innovation, Change Management

We're grateful for all our customers, for a variety of reasons. We are a business and so, naturally, revenue from customers is a good (nay, great!)...

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Robot Overlords in Healthcare? Not Likely. And Not Us.

Random and Relevant: Thoughts on AI and Why healthfinch Isn't "Going There" Right Now by Chris Tyne, VP Product

Before we welcome our new robot overlords, we need to understand what they will be doing.  There is a...

What's So Scary About Automation?

Confronting Our Collective Fear of Automation...

There's no mistaking what time of year it is. Nearly every shop I enter is stocked with Halloween candies, costumes, and decorations and the highway is peppered with...

The Right Amount of Disruption

The Right Amount of Disruption Requires a Touch of Art & Science

By Chris Tyne, Vice President of Product

Patient Visits as Business Meetings? Maybe.

Treat appointments like business meetings? (Don't worry I'm not advocating treating patient like products! Read on...)

Today, our leadership team had a conversation about running effective meetings. Although we had...

This Is My Love Note to a Doctor

When it comes to healthcare IT, business is personal

It's 8:13AM Wednesday morning and as I fire up my laptop in the healthfinch World Headquarters, my phone rings. No "call screening" necessary with this one, it's...

Let's Keep the Conversation Going!

Competing viewpoints wanted!

It's been an exciting ten days for the healthfinch team. We closed our Series A financing round, thanks to the incredible work of our leadership team, and are fast and furiously on our...