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Author: Dawn Burke | Date October 2, 2019

Supporting Team-Based Care with Prescription Renewal Technology

Healthcare organizations have started adopting a team-based approach to patient care, in which two or more healthcare professionals work collaboratively to accomplish shared goals and high-quality care. With this approach, many organizations see improved patient outcomes and happier staff. A report from the National Academy of Medicine states that to succeed in a team-based care work environment, staff must have shared goals, clear roles, mutual trust, effective communication, and measurable processes. This article takes a closer look at these requirements and how healthfinch’s prescription renewal delegation solution, Charlie, can support them.

Shared Goals

As a team, goals should be clearly defined, understood, and supported. Goals should focus on patient outcomes and staff efficiency, at a minimum.

How Charlie Helps

Charlie supports positive patient outcomes and staff efficiency through the use of evidence-based medication monitoring protocols and the proactive identification of care gaps. Teams can get the most out of patient interactions by teeing up all necessary orders at the time of a renewal request, which means fewer trips to the lab and more meaningful conversations about lab results with their provider at the time of the visit. With Charlie, staff are also able to process renewal requests in a third of the time it takes staff who don’t use Charlie and need to manually review charts.

Clear Roles

It’s important that each individual understands their functions and responsibilities, as well as their accountabilities. In addition to supporting a team-based care approach, clearly defined roles can lead to a reduced incidence of burnout and increased overall well being.

How Charlie helps

Through Charlie’s standardized protocols, health systems are often able to delegate renewal requests from providers to non-provider staff for approval, expanding the roles of the team.* Additionally, the healthfinch team works with customers to develop appropriate and streamlined renewal workflows so that all members of the care team will know exactly how to respond to every renewal request that comes in.

Mutual Trust

Building and maintaining trust is essential when individuals work closely together toward common goals. Team members should feel empowered to ask questions, admit mistakes, and offer suggestions without fear of repercussion or embarrassment.

How Charlie Helps

When implementing Charlie, the team works together to determine the appropriate protocols for their clinic. Achieving consensus in this process allows team members to place higher trust in the protocols and with those who are responsible for processing renewal requests.

Effective Communication

Clear, consistent communication should be maintained among all team members. This should be bidirectional, allowing ideas and feedback to flow freely between all members of the care team.

How Charlie Helps

Charlie benefits all health systems, regardless of whether they are centralized or decentralized, delegating or not delegating. After processing the renewal protocol, Charlie responds with a message inserted directly into the patient’s chart and visible by staff and for auditing. Additionally, in organizations that use a centralized team to process renewal requests, the healthfinch team helps maintain effective communication between the clinic and the centralized team by ensuring clinics understand the workflows the centralized team will be following.

Measurable Processes

To achieve high efficiency, teams should regularly perform assessments of functions, responsibilities and outcomes.

How Charlie Helps

Charlie helps provide insight into key renewal-related metrics. The healthfinch team will regularly review metrics with customers, such as turnaround time, delegation percentages, and productivity, and provide recommendations to improve and further optimize the customer experience.


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*Dependent upon individual state laws and interpretation.

Dawn Burke

Written By: Dawn Burke on October 2, 2019

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