Overcoming Provider Objections to Delegating Refill Requests

If you’re at all familiar with healthfinch, you know that our mission is to reduce provider burnout by taking work off their plates and delegating as much as possible. This requires two key elements: standardized...

Document, Document, Document!

Good documentation on prescription refills can help protect providers

Prescription drug abuse has reached an epidemic level, as evidenced by these statistics:

AMA STEPS Forward to Address Provider Burnout

New program is a step in the right direction!

Provider burnout: a long-term stress reaction characterized by depersonalization, including cynical or negative attitudes toward patients, emotional exhaustion, a feeling...

Clinical Integration: A Q&A with healthfinch COO, Sanaz Cordes, MD

"As healthcare evolves, we will see more and more clinical integration."

Clinical integration is a fairly ambiguous term that we generally assume means coordinating across departments to provide the highest quality...

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A Nod to Nature: Bring balance to healthcare ecosystem

When naming our company in 2010, we looked to nature for inspiration. What word or words might best illustrate the principles of evolution and adaptability? What might represent our commitment to improving the...