Leading Effective Protocol Consensus Meetings

We’ve all seen office cartoons, mugs, memes and desk decorations complaining about long, boring meetings that seem to go nowhere. Everyone dreads unproductive, inefficient and disorganized meetings, but with a little...

Physician burnout. Yep, it's still a thing.

Physician Burnout & Busywork. More of a "thing" than ever.

In 2011, our co-founders Jonathan Baran and Lyle Berkowitz, MD started knocking on health system doors, talking about the pervasiveness of physician burnout...

Customer Spotlight: athenahealth® Showcase Client, Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group is a Model for Innovation, Change Management

We're grateful for all our customers, for a variety of reasons. We are a business and so, naturally, revenue from customers is a good (nay, great!)...

healthfinch Survey: 95% of Physicians Find Refill Requests Burdensome

A majority of physicians spend up to thirty minutes per day on prescription refill requests.

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