Overcoming Provider Objections to Delegating Refill Requests

If you’re at all familiar with healthfinch, you know that our mission is to reduce provider burnout by taking work off their plates and delegating as much as possible. This requires two key elements: standardized...

Risks of Not Delegating Refill Requests

Delegating routine, repetitive clinical tasks like refill requests is a highly efficient solution to improving provider and patient happiness and increasing the consistency in care across a healthcare organization....

Charlie, by the Numbers

Minutes add up to hours. And dollars.

Charlie is live in Allscripts, athenahealth, and Epic health systems across the country. And he's hard at work. Check out the highlights from March!

Now, it's personal. I just got my refill super fast!

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin's Super Speedy Service

For healthfinch for the last two years, I've created case studies, infographics, and blogs about the benefits to health systems and patients...

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Customer Spotlight: athenahealth® Showcase Client, Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group is a Model for Innovation, Change Management

We're grateful for all our customers, for a variety of reasons. We are a business and so, naturally, revenue from customers is a good (nay, great!)...

Want to make your patients happier? Provide more efficient, personal service with less waiting

Improved workflows benefit patients and clinical staff

At healthfinch we are very focused on finding ways to keep doctors and their staff happy. We’ve found that when practices automate, delegate, and simplify...

Document, Document, Document!

Good documentation on prescription refills can help protect providers

Prescription drug abuse has reached an epidemic level, as evidenced by these statistics:

It’s Not Just a Formality: Formal Refill Protocols Are a Must


Health systems can not afford undocumented processes

Working at healthfinch for 18 months now, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of healthcare leaders across the country about their desire to improve...