Charlie, by the Numbers

Minutes add up to hours. And dollars.

Charlie is live in Allscripts, athenahealth, and Epic health systems across the country. And he's hard at work. Check out the highlights from March 2017!

Patient Visits as Business Meetings? Maybe.

Treat appointments like business meetings? (Don't worry I'm not advocating treating patient like products! Read on...)


Today, our leadership team had a conversation about running effective meetings. Although we had...

Transforming Care Requires Alignment Between Tech & People

Proactive Care Takes Effort, But the Payoff is Worth It


Transitioning care delivery from a reactive to proactive model is a multi-step process. First, and most importantly, healthcare leaders must acknowledge an...

The Perfect Healthcare Storm Enables New Ideas to Hatch

While change can be painful, it usually gives rise to incredible opportunities


The US healthcare system is poised for the perfect storm. Healthcare costs are spiraling. Patient populations are continuing to grow as...

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Want to make your patients happier? Provide more efficient, personal service with less waiting

Improved workflows benefit patients and clinical staff


At healthfinch we are very focused on finding ways to keep doctors and their staff happy. We’ve found that when practices automate, delegate, and simplify...

Don't Let Patients Fall Through the Cracks

Pre-Visit Planning Activities Make Practices and Patients More Proactive


  • “Lose weight.”
  • “Reduce your salt intake.”
  • “Take your medications.”
  • “Exercise.”
  • “Test your cholesterol levels.”

In a perfect world, patients...

To Improve the Patient/Provider Experience, Start Before the Visit

Pre-visit planning will help you shift from reactive to proactive care


Imagine a medical office with physicians who spend most of their time practicing medicine, rather than tending to administrative tasks. In this...

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