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We are a team of bright, motivated people working together to make a huge impact in healthcare. Our vision is a world where all of a physician’s energy is devoted to the patient. We will achieve this by automating what can be automated, delegating what can be delegated, and simplifying the rest.

Are you motivated and want to make an impact too? If so, you’re in the right place.

Join Our Nest!


Exciting news! healthfinch has recently merged with Health Catalyst. Health Catalyst shares many of the same values as healthfinch and employees still enjoy all the great benefits highlighted here... and more! Learn more about Health Catalyst and current job openings here.

Current job openings

Customer Success Manager

Charlie, the healthfinch, is looking for the best and brightest to join his flock! If you’re experienced in healthcare, adaptive in spirit, and motivated by helping clients achieve their goals, we want you to join our team as a Customer Success Manager.


Software Engineer

Join our development team and change the way the health care industry works! We’re scaling to more customers, integrating with a broad range of medical systems, and building out capabilities that will impact the day-to-day lives of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other heath care practitioners.


Operations / Security Engineer

From day one, we’ve used operations automation to move quickly and adjust to the needs of the industry. We’re looking for an Operations/Security Engineer who can help us continue this tradition, and increase availability and reliability for our customers!


Perks & Benefits

Remote first

Remote First

We encourage all of our finches to work from wherever they are most productive and happy. We have employees on the West Coast, the East Coast and everywhere in between. While we do have an office in Madison, WI, we default to being remote. Our modus operandi is that if one person is remote, we are all remote. Have you ever been the one remote person conferencing in to a room full of people? It’s super awkward. Fear not, you won’t experience that here.

Unlimited paid time off

Unlimited Paid Time Off

Our people are the fundamental strength of our organization. In order for us, as a company, to be at our best, we need you to be at your best. As such, we want you to maintain a successful work-life balance by enjoying time away from work. We absolutely love having you in the nest, but we also need you to fly the coop every now and then! You may take off as many days as you want during the year to recharge, relax, spend time with family and friends, or be sick (if you are ill, please rest and get better). Balancing autonomy with accountability is fundamental to our culture and our success as a company. 

Paid leave of absence

Paid Leave of Absence

We really hope that everything in your life goes swimmingly, and that you enjoy health and good fortune. We love to celebrate new babies, adoptions, and other positive life-changing events. When that happens, it’s important to take time off to savor the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go so well. If you or a family member become sick or injured, it’s important to take time off to heal or care for your loved one. We offer up to 12 weeks paid leave and an additional 4 weeks unpaid.

Read and rock on

Read & Rock On

Your growth as an individual and in your career are extremely important to us. We value learning and continuous self-improvement. Two ways in which we do this is through reading and music. We are happy to provide Spotify & Audible subscriptions for all finches.

What healthfinch values

What We Value

We are adamant about hiring people who not only have the technical skills we need, but who also bring positive energy, high integrity and creative ideas to our table. We are very protective of our amazing team and if you’ll join us, you’ll see why.

Read more about our healthfinch values below.

The 6 Values of healthfinch

Customer > Company > Self

When push comes to shove and the pressure is on, this is the overarching value we turn to for guidance. We are here for our customers, and we make decisions in terms of what is best for them; before the company and before ourselves, always.

Fly in a Flock

We know we will never get to where we want to be or make the impact we want to make by flying alone. We are one team, and we fly together in a flock. Teamwork, collaboration, listening and helping each other are paramount to our success. We strive to surround ourselves with individuals smarter than us and with diverse backgrounds. We recognize the worth of others. We show them we value and appreciate them through our actions and words. We strive to be the best we can be and we help others to succeed on their own terms.

Maximize Impact

Healthcare represents one of the biggest (and most important) challenges that we will face as a society over the next decade. Our company was created to maximize impact in this vital industry. We are here to change lives and make a big difference in the world. We have a strong personal commitment to our customers’ success, and we do whatever is needed to ensure they reach their goals.

Always Ask Why

We care about why we do the things we do. We challenge the status quo (even if we are the status quo). We are inquisitive in the business, we challenge each other, and we ask questions. We think big, we innovate, we fail, we reiterate, and we are creative.

Pursue Growth & Learning

We are a team of lifelong learners. We share a hunger and commitment to personal and professional growth. We encourage and urge each other to learn something new everyday. We help others to grow and create time and space for ourselves to grow. We share knowledge openly and selflessly.

Enjoy Life

Take pleasure in the life you want to live. We live and work wherever we choose – freedom and autonomy are each of our rights. We expect and enable each other to take time to focus on our families, friends, and communities.


Out of the Nest

Everyone at healthfinch is encouraged to work outside of their nest, whether it be the Madison office or their home office. We even have a Slack channel dedicated to it, and everyone is encouraged to share a picture of their #outofthenest locales. Our finches have so much fun with this, that it’s become a contest! Every month a fan favorite photo is chosen, and a unique prize is awarded. 


We believe it is paramount to our success to bring our people together, in-person, at our annual Migrate (otherwise known as a retreat to non-finches). The objectives of Migrate are to strengthen the relationships we have built virtually together, foster alignment and trust, and have some fun. We are quite a unique and diverse group, and we really enjoy spending time with each other and making an impact in the world together!


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