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Introduction to Prescription Refill Requests

Intro to Rx Requests eBook CoverUnderstanding and measuring their impact on your organization

Learn all about refill requests in this introductory eBook, which provides readers insight into how refills are typically processed, challenges organizations face, industry benchmarks, and more!

Implementing Standardized Refill Protocols

Implementing Standardized Protocols eBook CoverSetting the Stage for Refill Request Delegation

The delegation of refill requests is best supported by standardized protocols. This eBook can help jump-start the conversation with tips for communicating with state boards, determining the best delegation model for your organization, and more.

Achieving Refill Protocol Consensus

Achieving Refill Protocol Consensus thumbnailBest Practices for Creating and Maintaining Protocol Content 

How do you get everyone to agree to the same refill protocols? How do you maintain them once implemented? This eBook walks you through the steps required to develop refill protocols and provides tips for reaching consensus.

Optimizing Prescription Renewal Workflows

Optimizing Renewals eBook Thumbnail5 Steps to Increasing Efficiency

Optimizing the prescription renewal workflow can have a big impact on reducing provider burnout and improving care delivery. This eBook outlines steps such as protocol creation, delegation, and training that will help towards optimizing this important workflow.

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