Clinical workflow automation, like Swoop™ for refill requests,

puts doctors back by the bedside instead of the laptop


Refill requests processed


Reduction in refill requests going to the physician inbox


Physician minutes saved

How Swoop works

Applies protocols

You can use Swoop “right out of the box” with its preloaded 180+ evidence-based protocols or use your own protocols. Your choice.

Automates routing

Refill requests never sit in an In Basket waiting to get routed to the next person. Swoop does this for you!

Eliminates work

Swoop automatically tees up the necessary order to allow you to execute the task with the push of a button.

Identifies care gaps

If a patient is due for an office visit or diagnostic test required for the refill, Swoop will deliver a message to your scheduling staff.

EMR and Refill Automation


Electronic Medical Record
Swoop queues up tasks in a single screen in your EMR

Swoop is safe, secure and integrates with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The magic of Swoop lives in our EMR integration.  Swoop leverages the same workflows that you have been using since you started working with your EMR. Your staff will be glad that there are no new interfaces to learn or separate applications to log into.  And, your IT department will be thrilled to know that security is our utmost priority.

Swoop uses industry best practices including end-to-end data encryption and is compliant with HIPAA Privacy Rules. Plus, it requires only a few hours of your IT staff during implementation; beyond that, our Customer Success team and support engineers take care of everything.

Swoop can help standardize your practice
Our team can help you align Swoop capabilities with your goals

Swoop can help standardize your practice

The name of the game in healthcare today is standardizing care across an organization to optimize the quality and efficiency of care delivery. Choosing the right technology to support standardization is essential, as is choosing an expert partner to guide you in your efforts. healthfinch Customer Success Advisors are experienced in centralization, standardization and care redesign initiatives and will serve as your guide in best practices.

Standardizing refill requests using Swoop is a great place to begin care redesign efforts to improve both quality and consistency.  And because Swoop acts as a force multiplier on your staff, the efficiency savings allow it to save you money as well.



Swoop comes with an entire team

Your dedicated Customer Success Advisor is passionate about your success, which means going above and beyond simple product implementation. Your advisor will come on site to understand your workflows and identify opportunities for improvement or optimization and remain an integral part of your team beyond implementation. This consultative approach helps you get the most out of Swoop and ensures that every member of your team is working top of license.

Our mission is to improve the way healthcare is delivered so that doctors and nurses are happy in their work and patients receive the highest quality care.