Want Better Workflows and the Technology to “Supercharge” Them?

Hire Charlie to Work in Your EMR to Make Life Better for Staff

Health systems hire Charlie to take care of routine, repeatable, and non-reimbursable tasks–tasks that may consume 10-12 provider hours per week. Our mission is to get this work off of clinicians’ plates, so they have more time for:

  • Direct patient care
  • Managing care plans for their most vulnerable patients, and
  • Life outside of work (friends, family, activities) to reduce burnout symptoms

Our Applications (Charlie’s Jobs)

When you hire Charlie to handle one or more of the following workflows, you’ll soon realize substantial financial and efficiency gains. Our technology (Charlie) comes with dedicated Customer Success Coaches who will set you up for project success.

Scout for Visit Planning

Charlie Hello Open Beak

Charlie preps both patients and staff for scheduled visits by scouting the patient’s chart and recommending activities to be completed ahead of the visit. He then collects all the relevant data and presents it in one screen for the physician to review.

Swoop for Rx Prescription Requests

Swoop for Rx Prescription Requests

Charlie gets busy denying duplicate requests, applying protocols, identifying care gaps, and documenting decisions for quick execution. Bonus: Charlie always looks at a patient’s entire active medication list to identify hidden gaps in care.

Patrol for Care Gaps

Charlie the healthfinch

Charlie’s no bird brain, he’s been loaded with over 2,400+ evidence-based medication lists and care protocols that enable him to patrol patient panels for hidden risk. No more designing and manually pulling/interpreting reports.

Ready to Put Me to Work?

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Charlie can handle most of your routine, repeatable, and non-reimbursable tasks, right in the EMR!

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