Why does our technology come with a coach?

Although it would be nice to just “flip the switch” on a new technology and let the benefits roll in, our experience (and likely yours too) tells us that we must put in a little work on the front end to make this happen. Don’t worry, though. We do the majority of the heavy lifting for you.

When you “hire” Charlie, you also get a team of people who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Before the ink is dry on your contract, you’ll meet your Success Coach. He or she will you guide you, step-by-step, through our proven process for getting Charlie to work.

We’ve been working with major health systems for years now, and have identified some “barriers” along the path to practice transformation. We can help you navigate around these points to make sure that your path toward change is smooth.

Your Coach Knows the Way


Our Success Coaches

Have Clinical Experience

We hire people with healthcare experience for their knowledge of best practice workflows and protocols. Your coach may likely be a nurse.

Know How to Build Teams

We’ve got experience building protocol and workflow consensus in a variety of organizations.

Get Involved

We believe that on-site visits are not only essential for initial training purposes, but will strengthen the professional bonds that enable us to do great things together.

Let’s Talk about Your Success!