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These videos show how Charlie helps address burnout, efficiency and more.


On Demand Webinar: Automating the Refills Process in athenaClinicals

This on-demand webinar takes a closer look at the implementation and success Valley Medical Group has experienced with Charlie. Learn how they reduced refill turnaround time and the number of requests needing provider review, and more!


On-Demand Webinar: Enhancing the Refill Workflow

Hear how Central Virginia Family Physicians implemented the Charlie Practice Automation platform and as a result, dramatically reduced the number of duplicate refill requests and the time it takes to process requests.

athenaClinicals Overview

Get a sneak peek into how the Charlie Practice Automation Platform integrates with athenaClinicals and benefits its users.

Interview with Jonathan Baran, CEO

Sit down with healthfinch's CEO, Jonathan Baran, to learn about the history of healthfinch and our mission delegate, automate and simplify clinical tasks.

Reducing the Burnout Effect of Electronic Medical Records

How can we address provider burnout? Check out this video short.

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