Workflow Optimization

Our approach to customer success.

Our Approach


The first step to an optimized workflow is to delegate tasks. In the healthfinch model, protocols and controls are in place to ensure that everyone is able to work top-of-license.


Standardized workflows ensure the highest levels of quality and efficiency. It also builds trust in the delegation of tasks.


Adopting a centralized model allows staff to become uber efficient and expert users. This efficiency creates opportunity for the biggest ROI.


Implementing Charlie supercharges the efficiency of processes and people through the automation of workflows.

The Driving Force of Optimization

Behind the scenes, our customer success team is continuously staying abreast of industry developments, optimizing best practices and more. This results in efficiency when it comes to implementing Charlie and rolling the solution out to your organization. Some tasks of our Customer Success team include:

  • Helping to define what success means for your organization
  • Assisting your team reach protocol consensus
  • Providing guidance to help standardize and centralize workflows

What makes our customer success team qualified?

Our success coaches have clinical experienceTHEY HAVE CLINICAL EXPERIENCE

Our team members understand your challenges and workflows because they’ve been there and experienced them as well. We hire people with healthcare experience, making them a vital connection between our solution and how it can best enhance real-world scenarios.

Our success coaches are data drivenTHEY ARE DATA-DRIVEN

Our team will help you define your success metrics. Then, they’ll dive deep into your data to drive real discussions about opportunities for efficiency and optimization. Regular reports will ensure you're always aware of productivity and when key milestones are reached.

Our success coaches are committed to your successTHEY ARE COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS

The best way to show how much we believe in our product and our customers is to get involved and build relationships with them. Through regular on-site visits we learn about our customers and tailor a plan that works for them – not just for implementation and training, but for the long-term success of their organization.

Content Customization

Our team excels in helping customers create protocols that are customized to their organization’s specific needs. These protocols are then reviewed regularly to ensure they are consistent with each organization’s clinical practice and patient population.

Step 1

healthfinch provides protocols from an extensive, evidence-based library

Step 2 

healthfinch performs a gap analysis of your organization’s current protocols

Step 3 

Our team leads protocol consensus conversations with your clinicians

Step 4 

Using data and providers' feedback, healthfinch customizes protocols for your organization

Contact us to learn more about workflow optimization with healthfinch.

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